White Buffalo Calf and Family

I started this white buffalo calf last evening while Otter and I were sitting watching TV. You can see, I have added in the basics of light and shadow, and the colors I need in the background. The pastel pencil work here has not yet been blended one bit. This is just the basic raw form of laying down a primary background color plus. Not sure what I’m doing for the background just yet. If you have suggestions or ideas and can find an image of what you think would work well, please do let me know. – Su

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  1. Beautiful work, you illustrated the grain and natural flow of the hair really well 😄 My suggestion for the background, based on the lighting, is either a dark and vivid blue starry desert night sky with the moon light illuminating them, or a pink/orange bursting sunset reflecting on their coats. Could be fun to add some orange highlights