Chaco Canyon Grand Panel

I’ve been studying a lot of the previous age of man historic murals in Utah, on the ceilings of caves worldwide, on desert varnish walls… just about everywhere. I realized that Chaco Canyon may have put up educational and historic murals on the walls in their area too.

This is the Grand Panel (my name for it) at Chaco. You can see all the construction below it. Now look over the wall and let your eyes adjust to the sometimes subtle light and shadow changes. Look for eyes, noses, or whole face shapes. There are many here. They were not all added at the same time. Also, some images overlap others. I have not finished my inspection, but on first glance, these are the ones that initially stood out to me.

This is my first try at outlining them. I really like the distinguished looking fellow in the middle. Now I wanna go back to the original and find things all over again. If you can, show us what you see in the Grand Panel. – Su

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