This is Chavin, Peru

This is Chavin, Peru. It’s one of the earliest known civilizations in South America. I went in search of any archeoplanetography images that might tell me about the Star Nations who assisted here. Boy did I get an education.

First, Chavin is home to the Rose Obelisk. If you don’t know what that is, long story short it’s a huge, obelisk of rose quartz crystal that has a visual image carved into each of the four sides. We are talking ginormous crystal 8.25 feet tall and I don’t know how wide. The carving is of a man turning into a jaguar and all the in-between steps.

So, knowing Chavin had this sacred obelisk with the magical carving of a man turning into a jaguar, I hopped onto Google Earth to take a look at what was there. 9°35’34.00″S 77°10’42.00″W is the GPS for Chavin. I spun north 360 degrees and soon found what looked like a cat’s nose. I thought, okay, jaguar’s…cats….same family. Let’s see where this goes. When I found the cat’s nose, north was in the 4:30 position.

See the cute orange nose on the big cat. That’s what I found first. Then I spotted the claws of her little yellow kitten and added his head. The red eye popped out at me for several reasons. One, it likely is part of another APG image. Two it might be in a pyramid with an eye on it, and three the P’nti have taught us that craft of the Ea looked like a big flying eye back then.

I continued with the orange of the cat and it turned out to be the full body of a jaguar. I haven’t looked yet, but I suspect that when I take a peek, I will likely find a few more kittens near mama jaguar here. Note Chavin is in the inner ear of the cat. When I was outlining this jag, I came across what looked like a cat person standing next to an Ea. My eyes went wide and I thought, “I bet the feline people and the Ea folks are allies.”

When I began to see what else was here around the jaguar mama, having already found images of cat people and other smaller APG images of what sure looked like Ea, I stumbled upon this man.

This is what I saw in my search. I spotted the lips and bearded jaw and the rest was pretty easy to outline.

At 9°39’8.50″S 77°11’1.18″W, I found my first triangle with a circle around it…the symbol for entrance. I will let you hop onto Google Earth and surf this area for ourself. There is a LOT more here! – Su

9°39’8.50″S 77°11’1.18″W

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  1. Hi Su,
    I’m very interested, I’ll try to apply this to my current search in the Chartreuse Natural Reserve. I wonder how useful it can be to practice speleology in hope of finding some hints or entrances… I have a hard time believing it could lead to anything 🙄😅
    Thanks a lot for the lesson.