Dell’s Time Machine

This is rough draft number two of Dell’s Time Machine. I’m still filling in lots and lots of little details still. Usually in the evenings after supper, Otter finds a good movie or show and he and I sit next to each other on the loveseat and I have my drawing things around all around me. Most of the time I just listen to the show and work on a portrait, glancing up to the TV occasionally. In the commercial breaks, Otter will glance over at my progress. If I need another perspective, often we will sit the work in progress up on the art altar across the room to get a better perspective. If I have to match colors carefully, I wait until daylight the next morning, but I get a lot of things filled in as the evening progresses. – Su

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  1. Does Dell like any of the great old classical artists? This drawing reminds me of Madonna on The Rocks. It levered my jaw wide open. Hi Dell. Please sing a song for me in dreamtime.